About Us

DBS Coins is a Bitcoin ATM company, independent in function and operations, dedicated to providing Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange services through the best Bitcoin ATMs at a competitive and convenient rate. Also, our Bitcoin ATMs are the safest and most efficient, giving you the security and confidence that your money is in the best hands with DBS Coins

Our services

We install and manage Bitcoin and other crypto coins ATMs and platforms in Nigeria to offer the service of buying and selling crypto and digital currencies easily and quickly, with user-friendly ATMs and without complications.

Our purpose

At DBS Coins, we understand that Bitcoin and digital currency users want to have access to them anywhere and under any circumstance, which is why we have combined the management technology behind the significant banking figures to offer our customers the best service of Digital currencies’ ATMs. The purpose of DBS Coins is to be the seamless bridge between users and their digital money in a remote, easy and efficient way so that they can continue their daily activities without delays or issues.

Our methodology

  • For consumers: They have access to their Bitcoin at all times, regardless of time or place, with ATMs located in the most convenient locations to make their withdrawals and deposits.

  • For financial institutions: We assist them regardless of the organisation or size; our goal is to help them establish contact with their clients through our Bitcoin ATMs.

  • For merchants: We increase the trust of their current customers and increase the number of new affiliates by providing them with the best service.

Join our select team of partners at DBS Coins

We have different options to suit your Bitcoin ATM needs:

One-way ATM

Two-way ATM

Free standing ATM

Wall-mounted ATM

You can be sure that regardless of the model you choose, you will have the most reliable ATMs on the market. These ATMs are installed and put into operation in just 24 hours; you have to tell us the day when the installation is most convenient, and we will do the work for you without any additional charge. Once the Bitcoin cash dispenser is installed, we will program it and give you the necessary training so that you are ready to use the ATM and start increasing your profits.

Also, in case of any inconvenience, or if you have any doubts, DBS Coins offers support to our partners with remote assistance by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Requirements to become a DBS Coins partner

Our requirements to become one of our partners and have a Bitcoin ATM at your facility are:

  • Have a 3-pin power outlet near the location of the Bitcoin cash dispenser
  • Have access to wired internet with a minimum connection of 2MB. Your router must have a port available in this regard.
  • The space where the Bitcoin cashier will be placed must comply with the appropriate measures and be located in a place that allows the transaction’s privacy for the tranquillity of the users.
  • The establishments where the Bitcoin ATMs are located must be open at least six days a week, 10 hours a day.
  • The establishment must have a space in its windows to place our DBS Coins’ signs and advertising of the ATM Bitcoin. The users have the information of its location.